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Smith Little Torch Counterfeit

I bought a great new torch! Always being on the lookout for good deals, I have been occasionally checking Craigslist and ebay for a well priced torch. Finally, I picked up a “new in-box” Smith […]

Apr, 14

Dapping Punches

Dapping punch sets make great gifts for jewelry makers! I received one off my wishlist as a Christmas gift. Since I didn’t have my own and every studio jeweler needs one, I figured the Jumbo […]

Jul, 18

How to fix a dented hammer

Despite our best efforts, hammers get dented from time to time. Goldsmith, planishing, and forging hammers all require smooth, polished faces to work as intended. These types of hammers can be very expensive to replace, […]

Apr, 13

Cleaning wax off files

Wax carving is fun, until the files start to get gummed up with wax. In the studio, since many of the tools here are shared, our files and burs require occasional cleaning that a file […]

Oct, 06

Customizing an automatic center punch

Creating a small divot on your metal before drilling a hole makes the task much easier. The indentation prevents your drill bit from dancing around the surface of your piece, causing unsightly scratches. Traditionally, this […]

Aug, 20

Removing Rust

Working in humid climates is tough on steel tools. Despite checking for rust and oiling tools once a week, some tools still end up with light surface rust. Frequent handling, damp metal, and pickle splashes […]

Jul, 27

Fixing Dents on Steel Stakes

Working as a metals and jewelry shop monitor at an educational institution means frequently fixing damaged tools. Inexperienced students, as expected, often make mistakes that result in damaged tools and equipment. The items that require […]

Jul, 26


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